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Those key elements of your wedding are exactly what classically trained photographer, Michael Andrews, voyeuristically captures at every moment. His talent and passion for detail and emotion translates into artfully intimate images that speak for themselves.

Your wedding day marks the beginning of a new chapter in both of your lives, filled with many wonderful emotions and magical moments that you’ll share together. As you embark on this journey we will be there to capture these special moments with the beautiful island of Maui providing the ultimate backdrop.

Michael, is a dedicated professional who's garnered over 13 years of wedding photographic experience. We will embrace all of the events that transpire throughout the day, with 2 photographers working closely with you capturing the moods and emotions that a single photographer simply cannot.

Our team prides itself on our distinctive ability to capture the real love story; unique spontaneous moments with laughter and tears, sweet whispers and adoring stares. We give you the ability to view your wedding from an outsiders perspective, which offers a sentimental impact that lasts a lifetime. You'll get a rare glimpse of the magic we witness when two people are in love.